About BDRA

Who are we and how are we organised?

There has been a Resident's Association in Billericaysince 1926. It is from this foundation that the BDRA sees its main aim as giving the people of Billericay and District ( Little Burstead, Great Burstead and South Green) a voice.

Over the years we have responded to many key issues such as housing, planning, the preservation of green spaces and the setting up of a Town Council. 

We have put together a detailed report setting out a challenge to the soundness of the Local Plan and are awaiting dates for the Public Meeting with the Inspector.

It is important to emphasise that our responses are measured and acknowledge that we are not against change and do see the need for more housing. However, without the planned expansion of infrastructure, the transport, health and education facilities will not serve our needs and will impact on our quality of life.

We aim to:

  • Preserve and improve the quality of life in Billericay.
  • Welcome change and improvement, by public consent.
  • Conserve the town's and district's character, history, identity and ecology.
  • Oppose over-development and urban sprawl.
  • Hold local authorities and public bodies to account.
  • We firmly believe that Residents groups represent the public's interests.

Recently we have strengthened our Association by joining with the Billericay Action Group. The BAG is now a fully constituted sub-committee of the BDRA, with a high degree of delegated authority and autonomy, and its Chairman has a seat on the main Executive Committee. This Group was set up in 2014 to challenge the Council's proposals to expand the area with more housing than the infrastructure could manage, and to preserve the Green Belt and the quality of life for residents of Billericay.

We feel that BAG's aims are synonymous with the BDRA and they bring a depth of communication, enthusiasm and data collecting skills which enhance our ability to keep residents up to date.

The Resident newsletter which over time has morphed into a 12 page colour magazine is circulated to members 10 times a year.

It has an advantage over other magazines as it gives residents information which is relevant to them, reports on the workings of the three Committees, gives updates on key issues, monitors planning, provides a place for local clubs and associations to place their events and updates, advertises local businesses and runs a very successful programme of coach trips.

Also BAG produces a periodic mailshot, called Mailbag, which is an e-newsletter. It complements the Resident as it is able to respond quickly to any news and actions.

Through browsing the pages of this website you will be able to get a clearer picture of how we can help you.

At the bottom of each page is a link to join the Billericay District Resident's Association and join the 4,600 households who already belong. We believe that the more households that we represent strengthens the Organisation.

There is an Executive Committee which meets monthly. Its officers are appointed each year at our AGM in May.

In addition to the BAG Committee mentioned above, there are two area committees who meet 11 times a year. They look at issues in the West of Billericay and Great Burstead and the East areas. Members are welcome to come to these meetings to discuss issues. The dates are in the Resident each month and a brief report of their activities, as well as those of the Exec Committee, usually appears on the events page.

The Current Officers of the BDRA

Executive Committee 

Chair Keith Bailey
Vice Chairman Steven Chapman
Treasurer Trevor Leach
Secretary Viv Burling
Editor Vacant
Webmaster Michael Yates

Billericay Action Group Sub Committee

Chairman Tony Beard
Vice Chairman Vacancy
Secretary Marian Jones

Joint Area Committee ( JAC)

Chairman Tony Beard
Vice Chairman Eve Oliver
Secretary Marian Jones

Membership Secretaries

West Area Hilary Minto
East Area Mark Hayes
Queens Park Paul Farrow
SW & Burstead Sheila Pullin
Burstead & S Green Keith Bailey

Coach Trip Organisers

Yvonne Cave
Kathleen Fox

If you have any further questions please get in touch on resident@bdra.org.

If you want to get to know Billericay or see how well you know it do have a go at our quiz.