Mill Meadows

Mill Meadows has a wonderful diversity of wildflowers, fungi, insects and invertebrates, many of which are rare. It is renowned for the orchids in early summer and the fungi in the autumn but is also a good site to see many species of birds and butterflies.

Our current web site  has a map, pictures and information about the site and events. 

When you visit look for the information tags – locations are shown on the map – to find out more about the site put your mobile phone next to the tag with NFC enabled.   

We have a few History booklets and leaflets available – contact through the web site.

The Mill Meadows Fayre is scheduled for 12 September 2021. 
We really hope to run the event but can only do so if the situation with the Covid pandemic has alleviated enough to allow people to mix freely and enjoy the occasion.
We will assess the situation again at the start of April 2021 – please check our web site and Facebook page after that time for an update.