Mill Meadows

The Mill Meadows Society was delighted to be awarded a National Lottery grant of £62,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a project to create new trails within the Reserve. There will be signposted walks with information displayed on the reserve and with more information obtainable from a new web site using phones and tablets. Users of the reserve will even be able to see where the cattle, an essential part of the management regime, are grazing. Many of the footpaths and bridges will be improved or replaced making it easier to walk, especially during winter months. Information about the site’s history will be also be added to geo-caches and there will be a short and colourful History of Mill Meadows published.

Mill Meadows has a wonderful diversity of wildflowers, fungi, insects and invertebrates, many of which are rare. It is renowned for the orchids in early summer and the fungi in the autumn but is also a good site to see many species of birds and butterflies. Our current web site  has a map, pictures and information about the site and events. 

The project is well underway and we have set a date for our ‘celebration event’ for the Heritage Lottery Funded trail project of Sunday 9 September 2018. The programme for the day is still being developed but we know that we will be featuring music, drama, poetry and many side stalls to entertain us, all with a rural theme and promoting the heritage of Mill Meadows.  We hope to see many of you there.

The event co-incides with the which starts on 8 September. So, in tandem with the , we are requesting local artists to submit their own art work representing Mill Meadows. These could be simple flora and fauna themed pen and ink drawings, or with a colour wash. Or they could be paintings in any medium inspired by Mill Meadows from the past eg grazing landscape, windmills, buildings connected through the history, or they could be paintings in any medium inspired by Mill Meadows as it is today.  We will exhibit these pictures in The Library during August and some will be selected to be used in the new history of Mill Meadows 

For an application form for the above please contact (07961 838328) or  (07908 139 080)