"The Resident"

The Resident newsletter which over time has morphed in to a 12 page colour magazine is circulated to members 10 times a year.
The magazine is not produced in January or August.

It has an advantage over other magazines as it gives residents information which is relevant to them, reports on the workings of the three Committees, gives updates on key issues, monitors planning, provides a place for local clubs and associations to place their events and updates, advertises local businesses and a very successful programme of coach trips.

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Copy Dates for "Resident"

If readers wish to advertise an event printed in the newsletter the item should be submitted to the Editor by the 15th of the month before publication. It is better to send notification as soon as you can as this page fills very quickly: If you have an article which would be of interest to readers than please contact the Editor to discuss the proposed content as articles are planned for a couple of months in advance of publication.

Editor: Lisa Ronchetti

e-mail: resident@bdra.org

If an event is to be held before the 10 of the month then, to ensure circulation, the advertisement should be in the previous month's issue, e.g. an event taking place on the 3 May should be advertised in the April issue.
Similarly if an event is scheduled for September then the advertisement should appear in the July issue.

BDRA has 3 Notice Boards in key places which can to be used to advertise events. Maximum A4 posters are preferred and if you need the contact address to send them to please email: resident@bdra.org.

Advertising in the Resident

Since the Resident has a large circulation a number of local businesses buy an eighth of a page to advertise. Help is given with the wording and design of an advert if needed and currently it costs £295 for an annual advert. Further details can be given by the editor. Contact details as above.