There was a consultation process with residents to determine the roads which they thought suffered from people travelling at excessive speeds. From this consultation in March 2018 we have now actively undertaken checks on a number of roads and report the current detailed findings.

Before the virus stopped us all in our tracks we had managed to do around 30 hours of observing the traffic speed in Billericay, with many vehicles exceeding the 30 MPH limit. On average we logged some 25 per hour who were exceeding 35 mph. We should explain that motorists are allowed 10% above the limit plus 2 mph.

Since not everyone was logged and we recorded some wrong registrations or the car had false plates (not uncommon these days) the number may well be 35 per hour.

If you take 25 per hour and multiply this over a 16 hour day for a week then we reach a rather high total of nearly 3000 vehicles a week on any of the targeted roads. Even more frightening a figure is that projected on for a year we get to over



The Police used to spot check various locations but with the cutbacks and our local Police Station closing we haven’t seen a spot check for quite a while.

Most of OUR TOWN is limited to 30 MPH. and some cars have been observed travelling at 60 and 70 MPH. and beyond. Stock Road is a prime example mainly because it is a straight main road. Likewise since the new parking restrictions on Perry St, excessive speed has become a feature here.

If someone is reported, they should receive a letter from the authorities. A second offence attracts a stronger letter and a third time a policeman should knock at their door. To date despite a number of requests we have received no feedback on our reports so we cannot tell how effective the campaign is.

Essex Highways advise that a road has to endure some fatalities and/or serious injuries before action is taken!!!!!!

The dreaded Yellow Box Cameras do curb most people but you cannot do much about idiots who have plenty of money to pay the fines!


There are 8 roads which are proposed for attention. They are Perry Street (2 sites), Stock Road (2 sites), Rosebay Avenue, Mountnessing Road, Green Farm Lane, Western Road, Tye Common Road and Queens Park Avenue. It would be helpful if anyone living on these roads could E-mail to me the times when traffic is particularly travelling fast. We have sites on these roads where the cameras will be situated.

The authorities have stated the wish to recommence Speedwatch activities but have recommended that anybody over 70 years old should not participate at the moment. This affects a good portion of our team. We have therefore suspended any further Speedwatch action, firstly until we receive some feedback on the results of the information that we have provided so far.    
If we are to be able to continue, it is therefore vitally important that we receive more Volunteers from people who care about this campaign and want to try and ensure that speeding is not acceptable. If you are one of these people please contact-