There was a consultation process with residents to determine the roads which they thought suffered from people travelling at excessive speeds. From this consultation in March 2018 we reported the following:




Speedwatch has finally moved on. Mary Wiley from Essex Fire Brigade, who is in charge of Speedwatch campaigns in the county, visited Billericay in November and we carried out a tour of the area and places were considered in need of appraisal. A camera is now available for use and training will be starting in early March.

10 sites have been identified as requiring attention and it maybe 3 to 5 different times of analysis will be required to achieve an accurate overall view of the problem.See the list below.

Many people are concerned at the excess speeds of all types of traffic in the local area of mainly 30 mph limits and an organised analysis is the only way to proceed for a case to be presented to Essex Highways for action hopefully.

Ideally, at each site a 2 hour shift is envisaged with 2/3 people working together.

We need plenty of volunteers to carry out this campaign to try to influence driver behaviour to keep our roads safe and prevent possible accidents and fatalities please get in touch with the co-ordinator of the campaign who is Mervyn Wright. E-mail address mervyn.wright@sky.com or Tel. No. 01277 657219.

There are 8 roads which are proposed for attention. They are Perry Street (2 sites), Stock Road (2 sites), Rosebay Avenue, Mountnessing Road, Green Farm Lane, Western Road, Tye Common Road and Queens Park Avenue. It would be helpful if anyone living on these roads could E-mail to me the times when traffic is particularly travelling fast. We have sites on these roads where the cameras will be situated.

I will be contacting the people who have already volunteered with information about the training when I have a date confirmed.

In conclusion there are two ways you can help

  • Give your time as a speedwatch volunteer
  • Give me info about key times which would be ideal for our analysis i.e when the traffic is likely to be going too fast.

From this we had to wait for a camera. This arrived and a number of people have been trained. As I write this in October 2018 we are poised for the next stage i.e. recording data and taking action. If anyone is interested in being part of the team Mervyn (whose contact details are above) would love to hear from you. It is our aim to make a difference by keeping the roads of Billericay safer.