Street Scene Reporting

Street Scene Reporting – Who to contact to keep our streets and green spaces tidy and safe.

At you can 

 Notify the Streetcare team about any Fly Tipping, Dumped Domestic Rubbish


 Report overgrown grass, trees and hedges in public areas.


 Report an abandoned vehicle. 



Report the need for Street Cleaning, Litter and Dog Waste Bins emptying, rubbish and waste issues such as dumped rubbish, dumped trolleys and discarded syringes.


 Report Vandalism and Graffiti 


 Report a Dead Animal (road kill only), Animal Fouling or Stray Animals


Report spillage of Domestic, Commercial and Hazardous waste 


 Report broken street furniture, (litter bins, benches etc.).


You can also report

Report faulty or broken street lights to Essex County Council

Report potholes and other problems on roads, pavements and footpaths to Essex County Council.


Basildon Council Streetcare phone number is 01268 533333 (option 1)

Essex County Council Highways 0845 603 7631