Time Capsule

BDRA Time Capsule

With our capsule we have marked a moment in time which coincides with the 90 anniversary of the Association. Photos, maps, lists of significant features, the extent of the green belt and the draft local plan have been added to the personal hopes and fears of children, adults and members of churches and societies.

It is fitting that the capsule is kept in the Town’s museum to be opened in 2026 on our 100 Anniversary and thereafter its contents used as artefacts and documents for research. John Baron MP kindly presented the capsule to Katie Wilkie, the curator of the Cater Museum on our behalf. Thank you to all those who made a contribution especially young people who will inherit their town and the decisions which have gone before them.

On a positive note this is a summary of the Hopes to give you a feel for aspirations which we could all share. The fears are in most cases the opposite.


That Billericay remains as pleasant a place to live as it is currently - we owe it to future generations to leave them a town that we would like to live in.

High Street

The historical character is retained and improved upon with out of character 1960s buildings, being replaced Independent shops remain and there is a good range of shops, Enough car parking, Elizabeth Cottage is sympathetically restored

Green Belt

The Green Belt will still be there for the people of Billericay to enjoy.
Any housing developments in the proximity of Mill Meadows or other Billericay nature reserves and wildlife sites are sympathetically developed with suitable wildlife corridors and extending habitats.


That Billericay remains a town with a good sense of community and that all the community organisations still flourish.
There is a particular emphasis on younger people. Girl Guiding hopes to have grown in Billericay, with more volunteers coming forward to give girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. I think we can echo this for all youth groups
People are more considerate with less anti-social behaviour, litter, vandalism and speeding. These comments come from the Sunnymede schoolchildren


The roads have been suitably maintained with minimal potholes.
Much improved public transport services

Sustainable Environment

Renewable energy is developed and electric vehicles are more common

That my grandchildren will be able to afford to live here