Virgin Media

Dear "Resident"

Myself and other residents around the Hillside Road/Langemore Way area would like to make enquiries as to whom gave Virgin Media carte-blanche to dig up all the pavements across Billericay and lay their cable.? The few residents whom I have spoken with do not want this facility although I appreciate the houses could change ownership in the future - however my question if you can answer, are the Council going to pay for all the pavements to be restored to how they were before this went ahead? Also how did Virgin Media gain permission to carry this out? or have I been asleep and it has been published in the local newspaper and I have missed it.?

If you cannot answer I would be grateful to receive an address of where we can write to gain answers. Your help would be appreciated.
Name and address supplied

In response to your e-mail to the Resident.

All the works being undertaken by Virgin Media are with permits issued by Essex County Council.

The information is to be found on

John Buchanan