Committee focus August 2018

Committee Focus

Our main committee (Exco) is now chaired by Andy Maddocks, Vice Chair: Mike Andrews. Treasurer: Peter Sharp.  Secretary: Dave Hawke. 

Andy has put together his thoughts about the future of the BDRA which can be seen on page 2.


New Website

If anyone has put a website together they will know that decisions about content, updates and relevance are key. It is planned to launch our website in the Summer so you can see how well we have done.


Local Plan

Mike Andrews, Vice chair of BDRA and Chairman of BAG, together with Andy Wilson, BAG Secretary, recently met with the new leader of Basildon Borough Council, Andrew Baggott.  Andrew was accompanied by two of our local councillors, Richard Moore, Chair of the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee, responsible for the development of the Local Plan, and Andrew Schrader.

The meeting was constructive and friendly and although focussed on our concerns relating to the Local Plan Councillor Baggott expressed his desire to work more closely in future with the BDRA on matters affecting the residents of our town and its environment.


Local Plan Regulation 19

As we wait to hear the timeline for Regulation 19 we continue to prepare for our response to it. We have a planning consultant and QC identified and briefed and have recently identified a traffic consultant.

Two dates have been pencilled in the reading Rooms diary for the next drop in day. They are 15 and 29 September. Our challenge is to get the biggest number of responses ever recorded for a Regulation 19 consultation. We need the Planning Inspector to see the strength of our feelings.


Key Anniversary  Mayflower 2020.

We feel that there should be something to mark the 400 year of the sailing of the Mayflower. At this stage we would like anyone to get in touch who is planning to celebrate the event in some way. BDRA will be discussing their involvement. Usual contact is


Vision and strategy

As you know we have joined with BAG and feel that the campaign we are putting together to contest the soundness of the Local Plan will be all the stronger for having them with us as part of BDRA. In September we will be looking at our committee structure to ensure that we are focussed on the issues which need to be supported and followed through.


Brightside School

The Chair of Governors has replied to the West area committee who voiced the concerns of local residents re the parking issues in the neighbouring streets. He assures them that the school are proactive in reminding parents to consider the community around the school. He adds that ECC are aware of the parking issues and implications of the expansion of the school and are committed to considering them. He also offered to have a meeting with representatives from BDRA, Councillor Hedley and a rep from ECC.

A separate reply from Councillor Hedley shows his ongoing awareness of the problems and previous attempts to alleviate the issues. He goes on to say that

‘I am however, keen to try and make sure that as little inconvenience is caused to residents during the construction phase and I will review the plans to see if any improvements can be made, if it were to be convenient I would welcome the opportunity to meet with your group to discuss.’


Flood Alleviation Scheme Great Burstead

There continues to be a dialogue between residents and Essex County Council, although there has been no update from Councillor Hedley.  ECC are refusing to release under FOI requests details of their dealings with the landowner, who is believed to have raised the objections which have prevented the work commencing.


Baronlees Wood

Al Daw came to the East and Burstead Committee meeting and  described the construction of a hard standing area for parking by the Skirmish paintball operation which has destroyed a large area of Baronlees Wood ancient woodland.  Al’s approach to Basildon Council’s Enforcement Department has been unproductive.  The Committee gave its backing to a further formal approach by Al on behalf of the Committee. The response from BBC will be published in The Resident.



Some training has taken place and It is hoped to make a start with more people needing to be trained to cover all the sites identified.


Committee focus August 2018