Committee Focus May 2018

Brightside School extension

Brightside School extension had been consulted on for 8 working days over Easter. The consultation made no reference to the traffic problems which could only get worse. Although BDRA had no objection to the extension we had objected on traffic safety grounds.


The Resident

Steve and Amanda Newbolt have taken over the events page in The Resident and putting posters on our three Notice Boards. They can be contacted via We are very grateful for all offers to help in the BDRA and are delighted to say most roles are now filled.


The Local Plan

The Local Plan was high on the list of items we discussed. As expected at its Infrastructure Growth and Development Committee meeting on 19 March and Full Council meeting on 22 March Basildon Council approved the draft Local Plan previously made available for submission into the next stage of the formal process, the Regulation 19 Consultation.

The only significant changes in Billericay were the removal of the road through Frith Wood and reversion to the route described in the documents originally presented to the Infrastructure Growth and Development Committee on 7 December. Although the route of the proposed relief road has reverted to its original one the 300 extra houses which accompanied it have remained in the Plan.

The Regulation 19 Consultation on the Soundness of the Plan is expected to begin in May. 


During the debate on 19 March one of the Council’s officers claimed that the new road in Billericay would not be of a standard suitable for a ‘Relief Road’ and this route therefore now acts only as a feeder for the housing developments in the area.  However the justification for the extra 1000 houses in Billericay was to help pay for the Relief Road, so if the road is no longer a Relief Road are the extra houses justified ?


 BAG/BDRA will hold two events in the Reading Rooms, on 5 May (9-4) and 16 June (9-4).  The first will provide residents with detail on the content of the Local Plan as it affects Billericay and the second will be to help residents respond to the Consultation. This consultation asks specific questions required by the Planning Inspectorate, the body that checks that Local Plan documents have been prepared correctly. These questions are: • Is this Local Plan document legally compliant? • Is this Local Plan document sound?


Planning Application

18/00349/FULL Proposed construction of a part enclosed mono-pitched roof lean-to structure to replace existing pergola at The Red Lion 113 High Street. The previous application, which we did not object to, was rejected as it was visible from Lion Lane. This application has sought to remedy that. – again we have no objection.



The first training session for Speedwatch volunteers had to be cancelled as the trainer could not attend. Mervyn Wright is trying to get a new date.


Car Parks

There are 2 hours free parking at Waitrose during the stores opening hours. The only enforcement was the time limit and this was being done by car number plate recognition cameras.


The car park behind Poundland has recently imposed restrictions (£3 for 2hours, £50 for longer) – please note when you come to the AGM we advise parking behind Iceland or in the Waitrose car park.

Committee Focus May 2018