Frithwood lane relief road

Close to 200 residents from across Billericay stood in the rain on Sunday October 14th at what is being proposed as a new road junction on quiet Frithwood Lane. A so called relief road is planned that has no credible evidence to back it up, that is expected to create traffic problems in other locations, and that is going to cost at least £60 million, funded by increased housing numbers.

At the heart of it is a residential lane far too narrow to cope, and councillors unwilling or unable, despite being asked specifically, to tell us what will happen to it and the residents who live on it and near it.

On Thursday the 18th councillors will be voting for a Local Plan of which they apparently do not understand the detail or its repercussions.

What we do know is that it will ruin our town.

The Frithwood Lane Action Group (FLAG) invites councillors once again to visit Frithwood Lane and see it for themselves before the 18th. Will they come and look residents in the eye and justify their planned actions ?

Frithwood lane relief road