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Queens Park was overlooked last month.  Is there anyone who could be part of the road rep back up team. If you can help to deliver Residents on an occasional basis if anyone is ill, on holiday or between reps please contact us on


Barrenleys Wood.


We had a letter from a local resident in Outwood Farm road who has reported that lorries are still going to the site. This and some photographical evidence have been passed on to Basildon Council.


Billericay Street Pastors have wheels.


As part of our annual sponsorship we were happy to donate £350 towards the Street Pastors’ Minibus. If you see it passing you will see we get a mention with the other contributors.


Mayflower 2020


There has been a meeting of interested parties and a draft schedule of events which will coincide with significant dates in that year.  Some funding will be sought to cover booking events and this is then likely to be refunded after an event.




Magdalen Lodge, Potash Road. This planning application was put in in 2016 and the developer is appealing against the lack of a decision.


Change of use for Molineaux House in Radford way has been approved.


has been updated and looks much better now. A new website privacy policy has been added which complements the privacy notice on page 12 of the Resident.

Latest Committee Focus