Local plan next step – regulation 19 public consultation



About 500 people attended the BDRA/BAG public drop-in day at the Reading Rooms on Saturday October 27.  Visitors included the Mayor, Councillor David Dadds, and the Leader of the Council, Cllr Andrew Baggott.


The purpose of the event was to increase awareness of the timetable and the purpose of the next, and presumably the last, public consultation on the Basildon Local Plan – the Regulation 19 Consultation.


Basildon Council advises that the Consultation will be launched in early November, and will last for six weeks.  We don’t yet have further details but we are assuming that a standard form will be issued which can be completed online or posted in as hard copy.  As soon as we know we will publish as much information as possible on this website and on the BAG website, in The Resident Magazine, on the ‘Save Billericay from Housing Development’ Facebook page, and via a leaflet to be delivered to every home in the town. This will be followed by submission of the Plan to an independent Planning Inspector in Spring 2019, together with matters raised during the consultation.  An Examination in Public (hearings) will then be held in Basildon and Billericay during 2019. The target is for the Plan to be adopted by September 2019.  After that developers can submit planning applications, and building work can commence if and when these are approved.


At the Reading Rooms event we shared with residents what we do know about the Regulation 19 consultation – that it is all about the ‘Soundness’ of the Local Plan – ie has it been prepared according to the rules and consistent with national planning policies.


BDRA believes that there are number of key aspects of this Plan where that is not the case – it is not sound. An outline of the main issues was presented at the Reading Rooms, based on advice from our professional consultants. This can be viewed by clicking on the links below. These pages are to provide ideas and background, but should not be simply cut and pasted into individual responses, because identical inputs are counted as one response.


We hope that all Billericay residents who share our concerns about the Local Plan will respond individually to the Regulation 19 Consultation during November and December.


The Tests of Soundness

Lack of Meaningful Consultation

Lack of Sustainability Analysis for Housing Development

Inadequate Analysis of Traffic Effects

Inadequate Analysis of Effects on Commuting

Exceptional Circumstances Justifying Green Belt Loss?


Local plan  next step – regulation 19 public consultation