Read this - you won't believe it - update on local plan




While members of the public, BDRA-BAG and other local groups used the consultation last December to persuade the Inspector to instruct Basildon to moderate their housing targets, developers used it as an opportunity to push the other way.


Developers with sites already in the Plan


Developers are arguing that they should be allowed to build more homes on their plots, fewer affordable homes, dodging the housing mix requirement (in order to deliver more 5-bed homes for external commuters), delivering less on-site open space and contributing less to social and transport infrastructure.


This avoidance of social responsibility includes seeking to ‘kick the can’ down the road on key decisions such the number of affordable homes; the aim is to delay the decision until after the Plan is adopted, by which time the Council will have a much weaker negotiating position.


Troublingly, CEG, the developers behind the Greens Farm lane proposal, are no longer suggesting an ‘extension to mill meadows’ – a true nature reserve – as part of their development, but a multi-use public open space, incorporating sports pitches and so on.


Of particular note are the developer responses to the south-western developments where


The developers are brazenly, and demonstrably falsely, arguing that Frith Wood is not ‘Ancient’ in order to strengthen their argument that the Road should be driven through part of it, through the golf course and other open spaces. This would allow Taylor Wimpey to build 300 extra houses, perhaps twice that.




Another route suggested by Taylor Wimpey and Gleeson borders on the spiteful, the suggestion that the Road be routed along First AND Second Avenues as shown in the image below.



Developers sites excluded from the Plan


Developers are proposing that the following sites are added to the Plan:


·        430 houses between Outwood Common and Outwood Farm Roads.


·        40 self-builds on the Potash Road\Goatsmoor Lane junction (could ultimately change to a much larger number of standard homes)


·        30 houses between Linda Gardens and Hannakins Farm Recreation Ground. Under the 1998 Plan, the Council was supposed to acquire this land for public recreation, but never did.


·        An extension to the already proposed site on Southend Road. The existing proposal is for 190 houses, and another developer proposes that a further 200 are built to the east of that, together with a public open space (they had previously suggested a true nature reserve) to the north and east.


·        110 houses proposed at Foots Farm south of St. Peters School; this would include some form of public open space to the east


Next Steps


The Examination in Public (EiP) is currently expected to start in mid-October and is likely to be held over around three weeks in a local venue, such as the Basildon Sporting Village which will enable members of the public to attend, though not to take part, unless they stated that wish in their consultation submission AND the Inspector invites them to do so.


BDRA-BAG will be vigorously contesting the Plan at the EiP.


Read this - you won't believe it - update on local plan