Take action on Redrow outline planning


Redrow Homes have submitted an outline planning application for 540 homes on the land west of Mountnessing Road and north of London Road.

The application (reference 19/01725/OUT) can be viewed by clicking here - 
Redrow Application
We need your help by submitting an objection to this application. We thank you in anticipation for your support.


Green Belt
This should be an ‘open and shut case’ for Basildon Council – the land is Green Belt.
As such it has protections from development under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and there are no “very special circumstances” to justify development.
Basildon Council has a commendable history of upholding Green Belt policy under both the national guidelines and it's own policies and should continue to do so by rejecting this planning application.


Local Plan
It’s true that the draft Local Plan intends that Green Belt protection be removed so the land in question can be used for housing.
The proposed Local Plan has many flaws so it is far from certain that the independent Planning Inspector will allow the Council to include this land in their final Plan – so Green Belt protection remains unless and until the area is included in the version of the Local Plan the Council finally adopts. This might be years away.
We can still fight for a better Local Plan for the residents of Billericay; one that preserves Green Belt, that best meets our local needs, delivers the homes that our community really needs, properly addresses affordability, provides all the required infrastructure, and promotes environmental concerns such as biodiversity, landscape and accessibility.


Making Objections
We therefore encourage residents to object to this planning application primarily due to the Green Belt status. The application is very premature and for the Council to approve would set a poor precedent.

The deadline to do so is 3 February 2020.

There are 3 main ways to submit an objection;

1. Register for the Council’s Planning Portal and submit your objection via that portal against application reference 19/01725/OUT. For help on how to do this please see here - 
How To Object On-line

2. By email to 
planning@basildon.gov.uk clearly stating application reference 19/01725/OUT in the subject field and including your full contact details (name, address and phone number).

3. By letter to the following address and again make sure you include the reference 19/01725/OUT and your full contact details.

Planning Services
Basildon Borough Council
The Basildon Centre
St. Martins Square
SS14 1DL


Further issues
If any of you would like to add further objections please do, we are simply suggesting the Green Belt matter as a starting point.

We have summarised a few additional matters here that you might like to consider. Please click here for more information - 
Redrow Supplementary Objections



Where does this site fit in?
This map shows the Redrow site as one of the four proposed for south west Billericay. The other sites being proposed in the draft Local Plan across Billericay are also shown. The total is for nearly 3,000 new homes.






Whilst objecting to this application on the land's Green Belt status is considered to be the primary approach, there are a few other areas that are potentially worthy of inclusion to further substantiate an objection.

1. This site (identified as H17a in the emerging Local Plan) is one of four in south west Billericay under the wider H17 policy. That policy dictates that the four sites should be considered as a whole, especially for infrastructure provision, under a cohesive Masterplan. This application appears to go against that aim as no Masterplan has been published. There is a concern that the development of this site could be approved in isolation and not contribute to the wider infrastructure needed to support the four sites in total.

2. This concern is highlighted by the fact that whilst the application makes reference to a new primary access roundabout on London Road, the roundabout itself is not part of this application. The potential exists for the infrastructure needs of policy H17 to become disconnected from the housing development sites. The planning applications for the four south west Billericay sites should be considered together and with the overarching infrastructure Masterplan in place first.

3. The application proposes a secondary access point on Mountnessing Road approximately opposite the junction with Bellevue Road. That section of Mountnessing Road is congested at peak times today, has poor sight-lines and is very close to a narrow and potentially dangerous railway bridge. Furthermore, a high degree of potential exists for the road through the development site in the application to be used as a rat run by traffic trying to avoid the busy Mountnessing Road / London Road junction. This could cause congestion and be a safety issue within the site itself. Whilst the application acknowledges this possibility it provides no clear mitigation.

4. Generally, the application provides no analysis of, or guaranteed mitigation for, the inevitable increase in traffic external to the site on the existing road infrastructure and primary destination points, being the railway station, central shops (High Street) and schools. At a minimum the traffic impact on the junctions of Mountnessing Road and London Road, the roundabout at Gooseberry Green, and the traffic lights at London Road/Western Road/Tye Common Road needs to assessed and in need mitigated with a clear guarantee that this will be provided concurrently with any future development of the application site. Simply acknowledging this as an issue is insufficient.

5. The site plan submitted by the applicant shows an area of land to the north west of the proposed new roundabout to be used for housing development. In the emerging Local Plan that land is designated as open green space. This application is therefore in variance with the emerging Local Plan.

6. Whist the application makes brief, but commendable, mention that 31% of the development will be affordable housing (policy H26 in the emerging Local Plan), no mention is made of policy H25 and the housing mix. Should this application be approved then commitment to policy H25 must be a condition to ensure a bias towards the delivery of smaller properties for first time buyers and young families as is the clear intent of the emerging Local Plan.


Take action on Redrow outline planning