What next for the local plan


What next?  Time to take our courage in our hands and respond to an unsound plan.


Those of you who came to the AGM in May will have heard about a very busy and active year in the life of the Association. The use of funds to engage experts to challenge an unsound Local Plan.  Funds which had been earmarked for such a use many years ago and we are pleased of the wisdom of that decision as they have been used to strengthen the voice of the BDRA and its members.


2019 and 2020 are and will be significant years in the life of the town. It is a time for us to take our courage in our own hands and take action.  Mike Andrews outlined a plan which everyone of you could be part of.


Whatever happens at the Examination in Public one thing is certain residents of Billericay will have a decade of disruption however many houses eventually get approval.


It is also certain that developers and builders will not be concerned about the impact their activities have on residents.  Even if conditions are set as part of the formal planning approval process we are concerned that scant attention will be paid to these as the developers and builders will be confident from experience that they will not be under scrutiny from Council officials.


We therefore propose to set up our own residents monitoring groups.


No previous experience will be necessary, just enthusiasm and a passion for our community.


Don’t leave it to others to protect your interests.  Become part of the team by sending your contact details to resident@bdra.org or talk to one of our Committee members.


What next for the local plan